April 11, 2014 – Registration for the Upcoming Events

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Registration is gearing up on the events for May. will become the new home for SRS Registration.  They are  completing their new website for SRS specifics however it is still a work in progress.   In the meantime we will be using their old site.   Please be patient as this process is almost completed. If you have any problems registering please contact:

Hunt Management:
Club Support:
Phone: (281) 924-5024

The Texas 2×2 is coming up quickly and this event is the first to be entered as a SRS event on Hunt Secretary.  Registration should be up and running by Monday April 14, 2014 and still gives plenty of time to get signed up.  We heard that this event was an absolute blast last year so grab a partner and get registered!!!  SRS made many new changes last year with their rules for Retriever Trials and currently working on new rules on the Dock along with some new events on the dock.  New rules that have been documented under the  Retriever Trial Rules, so please make sure you go and read through these very carefully.  Super Dock Rules will be listed by mid May.   SRS is always a work in progress and we have many things we are working on behind the scenes.  We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!!!

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Our Partners

At Super Retriever Series our goal is to develop partnerships and together introduce the loyal Retriever and Sporting Dog owner along with outdoor enthusiasts alike, to a competitive game in the field and on the Dock.   These folks love the outdoors, love sporting dogs and love the Super Retriever Series.  History has proven that our viewers are very loyal to our current partners and sponsors of the game.

All the Partners of the Super Retriever Series are also loyal dog enthusiasts, love the outdoors  and are the best in their businesses. 

SRS continues its success in the game of  Waterfowl and Sporting Dogs

and applaud the support of these fine partners.

SRS supports and recommends these organizations.

Special thanks to the Venues that host the Super Retriever Series, especially:

The SRS Crown Championship wish to  thank these folks for their generosity of “Partners in Gift” 

We look forward to seeing all of you at our next event. Please check back as we are adding events weekly.


The Super Retriever Series consists of Retriever Trials and Super Dock. Each event has its own rules and entry requirements. Before registering for an event, please read the rules that pertain to each specific event.

SRS Event Types

The Super Retriever Series  can bring many different types of events to your venue.

The Super Retriever Series Event Descriptions

SRS Classic Events
Classic events are a combination of Retriever Trials and the Super Dock collectively. Classic events are brought in by a city or city organization and most but not all are televised. The Retriever Trials will consist of Pro/AM  as separate divisions with 4 hybrid series.
The Super Dock will hold Super Elite, Super Fly, Amateur Fly, Junior Fly and Mini flyers.  It also has a vertical jump referred to as Super V.  New in 2014 the dock will add a relay race to be called Super Fast and The Super Dog Triathlon, a timed event in Fly, V and Fast.   We also have fun jumps at the pool so we encourage all to come out, bring your own dog and have a good time.  

SRS Club Event
Retriever Trial held by current or combined retriever club and/or group. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the club.  This club / group may also sell sponsorships to help with their event costs.  

SRS Team Medley
The Team Medley is a team of 4 dogs – 4 handlers (4×4) . Handlers can be on more than one team, but not more than 3.  All 4 dogs must run every testing scenario. If a dog becomes unable to run for any reason that dog will receive a zero/0 at the completion of his/her scheduled run. 3 total series that will  a variation of a Field trial, Hunt test or/and Hunting Savvy.  Same rules apply for 2×2 Team Medley event.

SRS Super Dock Events
The Super Dock will hold Super Fly,  Junior Fly and Mini flyers.  It also has a vertical jump referred to as Super V and V Elite.  New in 2014 the dock will add a relay race, Super Speed and The Super Triathlon will be a timed event in Fly, Speed and V.   One last chance in “Call your Shot” will be added in each wave of jumps!!

SRS Crown Championship
The SRS Crown Championship is held like a Classic event and is a combination of Retriever Trials and the Super Dock events for those that qualified throughout the year from all of the SRS events.  The winner will receive the prestige name of Crown Champion within the Retriever Trials, and all Super Dock events.  1st, 2nd and 3rd places are recognized and 1st, 2nd and 3rd places at the Crown Championship will be invited back the following year to defend their Championship title.


AEC v1.0.4


If you have any question about registering, please contact for all your registration needs.
Super Dock will register on site unless specified to be online which will be through  Hunt Secretary is currently  going through an website upgrade and since SRS still has plenty of time before the first events,  registration is temporarily unavailable until sometime in March.  Thank you for your patience.

 Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 11.46.15 PM           281-924-5024



SRS Madisonville, TX – Club – PRO/AM Retriever Trials

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